Why did we leave the Jehovah’s Witnesses – – –

Lion - M.L KingThis came up in my Facebook newsfeed on the 21st of May. It struck a chord with me as it simply explained what had brought me to my decision. I had found out too many things that I could no longer live with. Listing all those reasons now would mean a very long blog post – all those reasons will come out as we keep posting. My husband and I will be posting to this blog and sharing our experiences so that other’s can also see there is most certainly life after the Witnesses! More life and more love than you can ever imagine.

One of my reasons for leaving – I was dealing with my own memories of child abuse, and during that process I was increasingly sensitive to other’s stories. I read them and shared their pain, one of those stories was Candice Conti, another was the write up in the UK about Gordan Leister and the shocking behaviour of the elders in that case. These articles scratched open a lot of wounds, and forced small cracks into massive ones. I keep on researching paedophilia in the congregations and found the Silent Lambs website, I read Barbara Anderson’s story and Bill Bowen. Suddenly the reality was so ugly that it was hard to look at it, and it was one of the reasons why I had to leave the Witnesses. I could not in good conscience stay associated with them. My heart would not allow me. I could no longer say I was a witness without cringing inside. I felt dirty, degraded and a liar. To rectify that I left, with my head high. Yes, it was scary – the Witness lifestyle was literally all I knew, but having a clear conscience and knowing my young son would be safer out of their clutches gave me strength, and still does to this day. My love for my son is another huge reason I left, but that I will leave for another post.

If there is anyone out there, a witness that is struggling with issues with the congregation, the Watchtower etc, you are not alone. There are MANY of us out there who are working hard to get the message out, websites, blogs, videos on YouTube to let others know that the problems are NOT acceptable, and more have to stand up and say so to get it stopped.

Signing off for now, A



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