The usual thing with diaries

It is a very common thing for a diary to start with great gusto, and then to simply be forgotten about until later. Well, here we are at later.

I have learned a lot over these months, and I must say that time certainly does help with healing, but you must put the work in. Hubby was called an “Apostate” one day while coming out of the shops. If you know him, you can imagine his response to that! To a Jehovah’s Witnesses being an apostate is the worst possible thing you can be. You are mentally diseased, you are essentially evil incarnate. A bit strong – but they see things from the Governing Body’s point of view, never their own. They also strongly believe that ALL apostates, or in fact anyone who has left their club are bitter and angry people. Well – if you had gone through some of the things they have, you may just feel the same. We are allowed to feel what we do – those that left are not the ones in the wrong. To understand a bit better why jw’s think as they do about those that leave, think of it this way. Instead of using the words, disfellowshipped, excommunicated – use the words treason and traitor. No matter what your reasons are for leaving, no matter how justified, no matter how reasonable, those that leave are traitors to them . Being a traitor they can call you whatever they like, they can think you the lowest of the low, simply because you decided you no longer wanted to be part of their delusion.

They are also afraid of apostates. Why do I say that? They are not allowed to speak to, listen to, or otherwise acknowledge the existence of an apostate. That tells me, that they are scared of what might happen if they did. In enforcing a rule to never speak to an apostate, they are indeed strengthening the so called apostates case regarding the high control that jw’s live with every day of their lives. If their faith was so sure, if their theology was so certain, nothing anyone could say would make any difference. Instead they run away scared, the hold on their mind is being threatened and anything that will loosen the grip on their minds must be avoided at all costs. With those thoughts in mind I understand why I may pitied, hated and avoided. I am a traitor. Are those that ran away from fascist, racist, communist regimes traitors to their country? Technically that answer would be yes, but would staying in such unacceptable government be the right thing to do? Of course not. Truth, honesty and freedom is the right course to choose. So, I left because the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong, they are teaching lies, they are controlling and ruining thousands of lives just to maintain their status quo, to keep their brothers and sisters blind.

These days jw’s spend a lot of time next to ‘carts’ with their literature, next to tables, kiosks and stalls displaying their colourful, attention grabbing items. This is advertising. Could you imagine Jesus doing or even endorsing such a thing? Did you ever read Jesus telling the youngsters to get baptized that gathered around him to be blessed? No – but the Governing Body strongly encourages children to get baptized. They are not old enough to get married or get drivers licences, but they can make a commitment to an organization for the rest of their lives? In fact, the jw’s I see now – I do not recognize, and I only left 8 full months ago. I’m sure the line of ‘jehovah’s people are always changing and moving forward’ may be used, but in fact it is just a ‘re-branding’ of a business to keep it in the here are now. Just lke a company changing its logo and motto. All the carts and stalls are the adverts to keep the image of in people’s minds. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Jehovah would be replaced with a website!

They don’t tell you to become reconciled to God, as the Bible says, no they tell you “go to” Telling is it not? 8 months out and life is good, in fact it is better than good. It is better than it has ever been. I don’t get sick as much as I did, I don’t get panic attacks anymore. My life is calm, happy, filled with happiness and new opportunities. I handle stress far better than I ever did. We are looking forward to moving to the UK and starting a new life for our family. In short, leaving is the best decision we ever made. If you are in doubt over jw’s teachings, look them up, research everything. If the teaching is true it will stand up to any and all questioning.

One last question. Why would the Governing Body forbid you from questioning and forbid you from researching outside of witness publications if there wasn’t something they didn’t want you to see?

Signing off A

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