This was my second year celebrating, and it was WAY better this time. Mum and Dad made sure we did things proper by making sure we decorated sufficiently. I even had a pretty wreath on the door.

We had a wonderful Christmas lunch at their house and I really enjoyed it, there was no silent cringing the way I did last year. I finally felt and understood what its like to be with family at Christmas time, its something really special.

Ewan had a grand time as can be expected, presents at his house and then presents at Granpa and Granma’s, it was just too wonderful for words!

I got to enjoy watching him in two Christmas plays, one for his nursery school and another at the church, he was a angel and a sheep respectively and he did really well. He looked a bit star struck, but he was mostly quiet and stuck it out even though I’m sure he was getting bored near the end.

What strikes me the most of how different things are now to last year same time is the sense of community, belonging and family that I have here. It is a good feeling and I am privileged to have made so many friends already, we have all been so completely welcomed that my fears of struggling to make friends and ‘find my place’ here just seem silly now.

A brand new year is just  a short while away, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it, life  – it is good!





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