A new year in a few hours

It can still astonish me how things have changed. Not too long ago (as a single witness) when it was the last day of the year I would be covering my ‘examining the scripture daily’ book in plastic and reading and studying the forward. Yes, I actually did that – I was a thoroughly good witness girl when it came to preparing and reading all that I was required to. Along with that I would do the ‘diary entry’ synopsis of my year and what I learned. The proof of this is years worth of diaries up high on a shelf, unfortunately they are not that good reading, my life was not that interesting as a witness!

I would always feel trepidation when thinking of the new year, there was very little optimism attached to having to face a whole another year. It was almost like facing another year in prison (if I only I really knew…) Sometimes I would actually start to cry, the pressure of getting through another year was almost unbearable.

Now, at this very moment I am considering the logistics of taking down Christmas decorations, giving the whole area a good vacuum and overall really looking forward to a brand new year and all the interesting things, exciting things and just brand new things to look forward to. The difference is quite startling and very, very welcome.



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