Another step in healing

It is painfully clear how I have been neglecting this blog. For many reasons I have been busy with life and all the little things that crop up and in truth thoroughly enjoying myself. There are times in this activism bit when your priorities start to shift and change to your new landscape.

Not that I am now abandoning my work as I think of it, but as it naturally happens I will probably spend less time on activism and more time just living life. Recently I volunteered at my local library, it is only two hours a week that I am there, but during the week I am also enjoying myself helping out with doing PR for the library. Obviously I love libraries and being there is just heaven for me :).

At first I felt bad about it, as if I was being lazy – neglectful, but after some reflection I have realised something truly wonderful. My own healing means I can finally take that proverbial readjustment, where I am perfectly happy and content to shift priorities without it being an issue of quitting something that is still very important to me.

I see it not as ‘moving on’ because that phrase is loaded and rather negative to me, I see it rather as a ‘turning the page’. The previous chapters are still important and can be referred to with complete ease and familiarity but still there is now room to turn that page and open up to new opportunities, to expend time and invest energies in brand new things that bring joy and fulfilment.

A natural process of the mind healing – it is quite beautiful I must say.

Never fear to all those who need help to leave the Jehovah’s Witness cult, a hearing ear or an understanding heart – I’m not going anywhere!

Here is to ‘turning the page’




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